Hello – How Can I Help You?

This is the place where I tell you about the services and products I offer.

You can watch the video to hear me introduce my services and products or you can read this bit.
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I’m a huge advocate of nature as one of our greatest allies where it comes to our well-being and self-care. She has so many gifts for us – the vibrational essences are just one of them – and because of this I want to encourage as many people as possible to have essences in their cupboards alongside their more conventional first aid products.

With this in mind, there are 3 different kinds of services/products here that reflect what your needs might be and what you’re looking for.

For people looking for some support – a listening ear and some essences to take – I offer one to one consultations.

If you want to learn about essences so you can choose them for yourself, I offer a growing number of online courses and in-person events.

If you want to buy essences, I have a little shop where you can buy my Whispering Moon Essences, my book and a few other goodies.

Consultation Services

A consultation gives you the space to talk about the challenge(s) you’re facing, how you’re feeling and to receive the help you need. But it isn’t just talking. You also gain awareness of your emotions, the way you see the issue and the possible ways forward.

After the consultation session I make up one or more combinations of essences that I post to you.
These will help you to process the emotions you’re feeling, see things from a fresh perspective and ultimately empower you to bring about the changes
you desire.

I offer two types of consultation service:

LIFTED Consultation

The LIFTED consultation is for acute issues that can be resolved quickly with just one or two sessions.
In this session, you tell me about what is concerning you and then we choose a combination of essences together using my deck of Bach Essence cards and my pendulum. We discuss the essences that come up and agree which ones will go into your ‘recipe’. I then make up the essence bottle and post it to you.

I also send you an aftercare sheet that lists the essences in your bottle and outlines the dosage, how to take the essence and how to store it.

The LIFTED consultation is a 45 – 60 minute session and costs £70.
This includes one bottle of essences and the postage.

I’ve just had a very enjoyable Lifted consultation with Jo. I’ve worked with a flower essence practitioner in the past, and have read about the essences for my own interest, but this was like nothing else. As an energy worker myself, I value Jo’s extraordinary intuition and natural healing presence. She has such a gift for sensing what essences will help a person, and she has a kind and warm approach which is just lovely. I can’t wait to start taking my chosen blend! Thank you Jo, I feel seen and heard.

Siobhan Elliot

FIND YOUR ESSENCE 3-month support bundle

FIND YOUR ESSENCE is for longer term issues that will need more time to resolve themselves.
We normally start with a 3-month support agreement and review this at the final session.

This support bundle includes:

  • 3 x one hour consultations via zoom.
  • 3 x 20 minute check in sessions where we review how things are going.
  • Up to 6 bespoke bottles of vibrational essence combinations that I make up for you.
  • One word potion (optional) to amplify and complement the essences.
  • Additional suggestions for healing based on my 8 S’s of well-being. Eg daily sound practices or nature connection and journalling.

The FIND YOUR ESSENCE 3-month support bundle costs £333 plus essences and postage.

I charge separately for the essences in this service because we don’t know how many bottles of essences you will need. Charging separately for them means you do not pay for something you don’t receive.


Learning about Vibrational Essences

If you’d rather LEARN about essences so that you can choose them for yourself, your friends and family, then I have lots to offer you.

I offer online courses and in person events

Online Courses

In Person Events

Buying Essences and other stuff

There’s a ‘little shop’ where you can buy my Whispering Moon Essences or order my book and various other delights.

Do you want to know more or have a question - just ask