You’re ready for change and your Soul knows it.

When your Soul tells you it’s ready – LISTEN. It knows what it’s doing.

Have you been ignoring your Soul’s whispers?

Perhaps you’ve struggled to even hear them in the busyness of life.

The people I help often tell me that they feel that life is passing them by, or that they’re ‘wasting time’, faffing about with things that they realise don’t really matter that much to them.

BUT they aren’t sure what they are meant to be doing instead.

They might have an inkling, but it seems out of reach, far-fetched and, to be honest, a bit fanciful; crazy even – so they hold themselves back.

They tell me that they are ‘sleep-walking’ through life; not really living it in full and glorious colour.

They tell me they are getting really frustrated and angry with themselves – and they are exhausted with the effort of trying to figure it all out.

They are tying themselves in knots and their bodies are often complaining of muscle tension, headaches and fatigue.

Their heads are feeling anxious, overwhelmed and confused.

Does any of this sound familiar?

What’s really going on is that these feelings are giving you precious information. This is your Soul calling. You’re hearing it whisper; now it’s time to act.

It’s time to say YES.

And I can help you.

What I do. How I help you.

I call myself The Soul Apothecary – at the heart of my work is Soul Nourishment – what I call SOULITUDE.

I help people to get more LIFE from their lives.

What does that mean?

This is all about helping you to experience more JOY and to raise your energetic vibration.

When we live at a higher vibration we become more resilient, stronger, content and we just feel better.

If you’re procrastinating, held back by perfectionism, indecision or have low confidence often the underlying issue is that you’re disconnected from your inner knowing, intuition, your Soul – whatever you call it – and you’re either:

Not hearing it
Are ignoring it
Don’t trust or believe it
Are scared of it.

Or possibly a combination of all 4.

When you’re able to connect with, listen to, trust and befriend your inner whispers, that’s when you’re able to become unstuck, find clarity, worry less, put yourself higher up your priority list and move forward with courage and resilience.

It also means that I help you to shine a light on those parts of you that lay hidden but need to become visible for you to feel ‘whole’.

When you’re able to dance with these hidden parts, befriend them and bring them out into the world, you can express yourself fully and feel truly alive.

Then you can get more LIFE from your life.

I’m a qualified Advanced Flower and Vibrational Essence Practitioner and my work with Vibrational Essences, Nature, Poetry and the 8 S’s of being well – supports you to experience the world differently because it helps you to feel differently about yourself and the world around you.
When we do that, we behave differently.

And when we do that… the world opens up to us and we create change .

Your soul knows this. It’s time to listen.

It’s time to say YES

I said ‘no’ to things I wanted to say ‘yes’ to for far too long. It led to me feeling angry and very frustrated. I was unhappy. I didn’t feel good about myself or my life.

I’m sure you’re here because you want to feel good about your life; to experience it with a feeling of expansiveness, and joy.
You want you to feel whole; complete.

You want those feelings of wasting your life to disappear – for good.

You want to live life in colour – not black and white.

And you can.

The key thing is to NOURISH your SOUL. This means doing things that bring you joy, fulfilment and a sense of wellness.

It’s simple really, but it’s not always easy to do – life, can get in the way. We can find it hard to give ourselves permission; it can be difficult to CHOOSE YOURSELF.

I can help.

Here’s what I offer you.  

Consultation services 

Following a one to one consultation, you’ll receive bespoke bottles of essence combinations, word potions written just for you and other practices to support you.

Whatever shifts you want to make, the combination of essences, sound and nature connection gives you such a powerful, yet gentle set of tools that help you move towards the life you yearn for.

Learn about Flower and other vibrational essences.

Imagine having a toolkit to draw upon each time you or a loved one needed help – a medicine cabinet for the emotions..…

Imagine working in harmony with the natural world …

How would it feel to be able to make your own essences to support your wellbeing and that of your loved ones?

Buy Essences and other Soul nourishing resources

You can buy my own range of essences – The Whispering Moon Essences – in my shop.

This is where you’ll find my book: Heart Balm: Whispers and Word Potions

You will also find a selection of A4 prints of selected poems for you to frame and hang on your wall at home.



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