Flower & Vibrational Essences

So, What are Flower & Vibrational Essences and How Do They Help You?

Flower and other vibrational essences are elements of a system of medicine referred to as vibrational medicine.  This is medicine that is based on the theory, attributed to Einstein, that all matter is energy and this approach uses energetic vibration to promote healing. 

The key assumption is that the body is a holistic energy system; our mind, body, emotions and spirit are all connected via the energetic network of our chakras, subtle bodies and meridians. 

This form of medicine aims to integrate and bring into a state of balance, all aspects of our being so that energy flows through us freely, unimpeded by tensions, traumas or resistance. 

When balance and integration exist, good health is the result.

So, what are essences and how do they assist in this process?

Edward Bach wrote: “They (flower essences) cure, not by attacking disease, but by flooding our bodies with the beautiful vibrations of our Higher Nature, in the presence of which, disease melts as snow in the sunshine”.  What a lovely way to describe becoming well.

An essence is a liquid (usually water), that has been imprinted with the energetic life force or ‘energetic signature’ of a flower, gem, animal or place.  There are several ways that this can take place.  The result is a liquid that can be taken orally or sprayed into a room, onto clothing or bedding etc. 

Essences other than Bach Flower Essences are referred to as ‘deeper acting’ essences because they work on a deeper level of knowing – the sub conscious.  Whereas Bach Flower Essences work on the conscious personality traits; what people know they are feeling. 

It is often very helpful to use a Bach combination alongside a deeper level combination – the deeper acting essences bring what is stuck to the surface and into awareness; the Bach essences can then support the process of release and integration as we become more aware of our emotions.  

How do Essences Work?

The explanation for how essences work is based on the work of Masuro Emoto who found that water has memory and can be programmed with the vibration of whatever it is exposed to.

The human body is made up of 50 – 65% water so when a body is exposed to the energetic vibrations of water infused with vibrations from flowers, crystals or an environment, the energetic vibration of the water in that body is changed in some way. 

Essences have higher energetic vibrations than organs of the body (especially unhealthy ones), pathogens and negative emotions.  So, basically, essences raise the vibrational frequency of the body – which improves its capacity to stay well and to heal. 

For example Rose oil vibrates at 320 MHz and a flu virus at 57MHz.  Similarly, the emotion, Guilt vibrates at 75 MHz and Joy at 540 MHz.  

When negative emotions become stuck in the body they lower our vibration and make us more susceptible to illness and physical problems.  When fear is turned to joy, for example, the body switches from releasing adrenalin to releasing endorphins.

Equally important is the fact that essences also enable us to become more aware of how we feel so that we can do the work necessary to transform those emotions that do not serve us well, that are dense or heavy and keep us out of balance. 

So, to summarise – An essence is a liquid (usually water), that has been imprinted with the energetic life force or ‘energetic signature’ of a flower, gem, animal or place.  When taken into the energetic system of another living being, it alters the energetic vibration of that being and acts to bring harmony to where there was discord, reconnecting the personality with the Higher Self so that the Soul can express itself once more.  It acts as a bridge between the subtle bodies and the physical body, reconnecting the two so that energy can flow freely and the immune system is strengthened.  

What Happens When You Take Essences?

Essences bring about real shifts in your perspectives and behaviour.  They bring you home to yourself so subtly and gently, you hardly notice it’s happening – until you suddenly realise that you feel different; that you’ve done things differently – things you’ve struggled with for years are no longer a struggle.  For example:

That tension in your gut in the morning isn’t there any more.

You’ve just said yes to an opportunity that you would have said no to before.

You stayed calm and unruffled in a situation that would have stressed and distressed you before.

Essences can be used for so many different situations – the way that they help is to bring us back to ourselves  by bringing our energy back into balance, by getting energy moving freely throughout our energetic system and by raising our energetic vibration.  They connect us to our higher selves, to our core where we have all the answers; where we know we are safe and ok and that all will be well.

Where Does Poetry Feature in All of This?

I also write ‘word potions’ for my clients – these are poems that I write especially for you that embody the energy and intentions of our work together.

Poetry is also powerful medicine because speaking the poem also changes your energetic vibration.  When you speak something out loud that influences you emotionally, you are using energetic frequency to change your own energetic state.

So, speaking a poem that contains the energetic qualities of the essences you are using  amplifies the energy of that essence and also serves to help you to embody the changes you want to make.

The poem acts as a form of affirmation and I am now using poetry that I write for my clients to add an extra dimension and energetic oooomph to our work.

It’s also rather lovely to have a poem written especially for you.

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