Hello, I’m Jo Dyer


Here’s where I tell you about myself, the work I do and why I do it.

So, I live in a lovely little town called Belper in Derbyshire, UK. I live here with my partner and our cat – Eddie.
Isn’t he gorgeous? (Eddie the cat!)

I love the countryside here. It has rolling hills with beautiful woodlands and rivers. Lots of lovely places to walk, listen to birdsong and immerse yourself in nature.

A big theme in my work is transformation – changing your life so that you are more fulfilled and living in a way that feels ‘right’ for you.

It’s often about re-inventing yourself.
It’s about listening to, trusting and taking action on the whispers of your Soul.

I know that can be tricky but unless we’re living in alignment with those whispers, there will always be something ‘off’.

Life just won’t feel as good; you won’t feel as ‘whole’ or complete as you could.

That’s what my work is about and I use what I call the 8 S’s of being well to support you through whatever challenges you’re facing as you go through your own re-invention. Flower and Vibrational Essences are only one piece of the jigsaw – they are in fact the 8th S. (Ssences)!

But I didn’t always do this – I have a long history of personal re-invention to draw on and that’s one reason why I do what I do – because I know how I felt when I wasn’t listening to those whispers and I don’t want you to feel like I did.

I want you to feel alive, complete and fulfilled.
I want you to feel JOY – every day.

I want to help you to choose yourself – to make yourself your top priority so that you live in the highest vibration possible and have the courage, confidence and resilience to say YES to your Soul.

A bit more about Jo – Her Story

Over the past 30 years I have been on a quest to befriend and respond to my Soul’s calling. Why? Because I know how fundamental it is to my sense of well-being, my sense of joy and satisfaction with life to be following a path that feels congruent, aligned, ‘right’.

Because I know how I felt when I didn’t and the consequences it had for my life.

I remember that desire to stay hidden, the feeling of not belonging, thinking that my contribution didn’t matter, that I didn’t matter; the crippling fear of failure and the voice that said the world might be better off without me.

I remember the headache I took home with me at the end of every working day as my brain felt dense and shrivelled after trying to be ok with a job that was crushing my spirit.

I felt frustrated, stuck, angry and my heart was closed to the world. I said no to things I really wanted to say yes to. I hid myself away and wondered what on earth I was doing here on planet earth.

It was Flower essences that enabled me to find the courage to come out of hiding, to accept myself and start to shine my light. After I’d taken my first essences, I suddenly found myself saying YES to singing lessons, (I’d been terrified all my life and had said NO for years).

I said YES to a course in acting and I then spent several years performing lead roles on stage – and LOVING it.

I began my journey with flower essences in 1991, when I took a short course. They have been my go-to support system ever since and have helped me to re-invent myself several times; leaving a career that I didn’t find fulfilling or congruent to become a therapeutic masseur, then a professional organic gardener.

Then in 2018 my Soul called on me again; it was time for another metamorphosis and I began the training that would lead to me becoming a vibrational essence practitioner.

I now use my experience and expertise to help others to say YES to their Soul because I don’t want you to hide, say No to yourself and feel the way I did.

I’m also now making my own essence range, co-created with moon energy and have published my first collection of poetry: Heart Balm: Whispers and Word Potions in December 2021.

I still love to connect to nature through gardening and walking in woodlands and meadows. Nature is a constant source of inspiration and awe.

I also love to knit and grow flowers that I use to make chocolate and other edible delights.

A Self-Portrait in poetry

When  I looked in the mirror this morning I saw the woman who had stayed up too late to finish a poem (not this one).

The woman who loves to sing but has been silent for too many weeks as she has gone within to find a different voice.  The one that writes.

I’d love to sing my words.

I saw the woman who values kindness above all else.

I saw the woman who craves more colour everywhere.  On the walls, on the floor, on her body, in her body.

I saw the woman who wants to bring beauty into the world. Into her own life and to others.

I felt her desire to let others know and experience the joy of their own creativity.

I saw the certainty in her jaw, the compassion in her eyes.

The mirror doesn’t lie.

There she was staring back at me. 

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